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SIMA Camelot Online
Fully integrated and totally Web-based! Library catalog and utilities with available serials (includes acquisitions & accounting), circulation with bar coding, ILL management. More.

SIMA offers a wide range of software for your library...

Our flagship product — the Web-based Integrated Library System called SIMA Camelot Online — features by default a library catalog with utilities plus available, fully integrated modules for serials with included acquisitions and accounting, circulation with bar coding, and interlibrary loans. You can choose any module or combination of modules that will work best for your library ... and you can easily and quickly add modules at any time. E.g., if you only want serials management, you need not even acquire the library catalog.

SIMA ILL Online for quick and easy creation and sending of ILL forms and complete management of your interlibrary loans in this Web-based application.

SIMA library programs are among the best available because they are designed BY a professional law librarian FOR law librarians. SIMA software is feature-rich and extremely easy to use, even for untrained library clerks. The programs help librarians and library staffers do their jobs in the need-it-now environment of the modern private law library.

The SIMA Camelot Online Integrated Library System provides you with an elegant Web-based library catalog with highly useful library utilities plus all of your desired additional library applications in one fully integrated package. Or if you don't need a library catalog right away, you can choose to acquire only our Web-based Serials or ILL application—SIMA Serials Online or SIMA ILL Online—either of which can easily and seamlessly be upgraded in the future into the fully integrated SIMA Camelot Online Integrated Library System, configured to your choosing.

Dedicated servers

SIMA's dedicated servers in its Northern Virginia offices host Web-based applications like SIMA Camelot Online.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us by phone (general 703-569-0993; technical 703-569-1270) or email (general, technical).
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